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MGA Wealth Management

MGA Wealth Management

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MGA Wealth Management is a full service, Independent Financial Planning Firm located in Racine, WI. We specialize in IRA Rollovers and Retirement Income Planning.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with sound investment and financial planning advice. It's important to remember that reaching retirement is just the beginning. Every retiree needs to have a solid game plan in place to make sure that their retirement income planning truly lasts a lifetime

We are independent when it comes to the investment and insurance companies we work with. We believe that no individual company has the best products. Therefore we pick and choose between a wide-array of companies.

Investment options and services include: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds (Load, No-Load, Closed-Ended), Variable and Fixed Annuities, Treasuries, CD's, Unit Investment Trusts, Options, Asset Management Services, Retirement Plans (IRA's), and Insurance (Life, Health, Disability, Medicare Supplement, Key-man, Buy/Sell, Long Term Care, etc.).

Stocks & Bonds:

Mutual Funds: We can currently work with approximately 59 Mutual Fund Families Directly. We can also offer almost all load and no-load Funds on a Fee basis.

Insurance Companies: Avantax Investment Services is currently contracted with nearly all the major Insurance Companies. We can currently work with over 100 individual and group Annuity Contracts.

We practice full disclosure on all investment options. That means we inform everyone that we work with how much we make in commissions and ongoing fees as well as the internal costs of the investments. It is important to explain how these expenses compare to your other options.

 We have access to State of the Art Technology to Monitor and Evaluate Investments:

Morningstar, Money Guide Pro, Financial Profiles, Net Exchange 360, Reuters News and Commentary, Pershing Investment Research, and WealthServ